Our Mission...
Is to partner with local government in managing and operating safe and secure correctional facilities that protect the public and provide faith-based rehabilitation opportunities to offenders that reduce recidivism and lower taxpayer's costs.
Programs Management

Substance Abuse Program
The Substance Abuse Program’s mission is to provide treatment and rehabilitation services to offenders who have a history of substance abuse problems or who commit alcohol and drug related crimes. The goal is to correct the offender’s attitudes and behavior that support criminal thinking.

Pre-Release/ Life Skills / Re-Entry
Inmates nearing their release date may attend classes to prepare them for a productive lifestyle once released.

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General Equivalency Diploma (GED)/Adult Basic Education (ABE)
This program is designed to enable offenders to acquire the basic education skills necessary for functional literacy. Offenders in this program are provided with sufficient basic education to enable them to benefit from other educational and vocational programs.

Ten levels of discipleship are offered to all inmates.

Correspondence Courses
All inmates are allowed to participate in approved courses and are given opportunity to study in a designated location to provide for a more suitable study environment.

Computer Literacy & Keyboarding
This course introduces basic functions of operating a computer. Students become proficient in using the latest Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.

Vocational Educational Programs
CMS provides vocational programs such as Carpentry, Culinary Arts and Cosmetology through the state Community College network.

A comprehensive recreation program of both indoor and outdoor activities is provided. Community involvement in the recreation program is provided when custody levels permit.