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Is to partner with local government in managing and operating safe and secure correctional facilities that protect the public and provide faith-based rehabilitation opportunities to offenders that reduce recidivism and lower taxpayer's costs.
Correctional Facility Development

If you need a new prison or jail, the place to start is a conversation with Corrections Management Services.

Planning public projects in today’s increasingly complex regulatory, political & economic environment can be difficult for elected officials. Building a new jail is no exception.

The process of building a new jail often starts when a County hires a consultant or an architect to complete a study to analyze the needs and plan for the new jail. This sets in motion a sequence of events that determine the project’s performance, staffing and cost.

The County should evaluate if the proposed project meets its objectives at an affordable cost. In the end, a thorough search for alternatives can save tax dollars. The County must realistically assess operational costs and the architect must design a cost effective facility that hits its budget and does not have cost overruns during construction.

A Feasibility Study must be completed to determine what the needs of the county are and how to best meet those needs. This helps evaluate the most cost effective options for new construction, renovation/expansion and sites. This information is the foundation of a preliminary design helps determine a construction budget. We help your county determine the total project costs which also includes fees, interest, furniture, fixtures and equipment. We work closely with county officials, bond attorneys and investment bankers to structure the bond financing properly.


The major obstacle of virtually every proposed new county jail project in this country is its financing. Each jail project, no matter how simple or complex, costs millions of dollars. The new jail can often cost high double-digit millions of dollars. County tax increases, often in double digits as well, are the age-old method of financing such projects no matter what they are or where they are located. They always provoke a public outcry, cause ill feelings and delay projects.

Sometimes a county can proceed with a new jail without a tax increase. This is possible only when the county has a significant budget for boarding prisoners or cash reserves put away to fund capital expenditures. For some counties, these numbers don’t add up and voters in the county will need to approve additional taxes to provide the revenue to proceed. Now what?

In these difficult economic times, County or City officials it is much harder to utilize traditional funding methods for their long-needed infrastructural projects.

In some regions where deteriorating real estate or manufacturing conditions have all but eliminated Bond Issues or Sales Tax referendums, County officials wonder how critical projects like County jails can be built. One County official said, “There is no doubt, we just couldn’t try to get a tax passed again. Our last attempt failed several years ago-and it’s much worse today than it was back then.”

A County Sheriff echoed the same idea, “We’ve needed a new jail for over 20 years and now it’s a ticking time bomb. But it had to be done without a tax increase.” Fortunately, solutions can arise through creative efforts.